INVESTO has built an expertise around specific software that simplifies the clinical trial process the drugs go through, from the research point to the approval and before reaching a consumer. Practically, we help the business entities analyze the features of the drugs faster, so they can send them for approval in a shorter matter of time.

Clinical trials on pharmaceutical products began a century ago and in the last decade, the entire process has experienced huge optimizations thanks to technology.

INVESTO came in front of the market needs and developed custom software solutions that already contributed to successfully completing several large projects and start new ones. The clinical trial market requires constant optimization so our target is to come up with solutions that make the methods applied in research more efficient and effective.


We focus on clinical randomization and trial supply management activities with professional Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solutions. This app is built using an innovative Web-based technology for both phone and the Web.

Our customers’ needs required a solution that helps them manage patient’s screening and enrollment in clinical trials, randomization, and drug supply management and this is why the Interactive Web response services (IWRS) was developed powered by an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). The Web-integrated service built by our developers offers strong reporting capabilities and other practical features.

During clinical trials, large volumes of data are generated which have to be easily managed by manufacturers. We developed a customizable software system that enables manufacturers of pharmaceutical products to maintain and manage the planning, preparation, performance, and reporting of clinical trials. This way the clinical trials’ participants receive up to date information, and tracking deadlines and milestones are far more effortless.

If you’re interested in simplifying your clinical trial process, maximize the productivity of your manufacturers and work efficiently, get in touch with us, and he will provide you the information you need.