Dr. Szelitzky Emőke will be the coordinator of the INVESTO CORP project. She is currently the lead to R&D in Healthcare and Life Sciences solutions and her work aims to combine software and mechatronics for technological improvement in this field.
Dr. Szelitzky has a double bachelor, graduating Mechatronic and Software engineering consecutively, after which she specialized on graphic and industrial design during her master`s degree, having her Ph. D. focused on Trunk motion monitoring and visual feedback during Physiotherapeutic exercises.
Her international education culminated in scientific publishing in the fields of Biomedical Engineering & Technology and Robotics,
together with over 11 years of work experience brought her to lead teams of over 20 developers and engineers.
Dr. Szelitzky Emőke is the R&D software leader for the life science and healthcare division at INVESTO CORP SRL. Her significant contribution is present is part of the following project portfolio: Fitness Tracking Application is a mobile fitness app based on  a loyalty program that offers incentives to individuals who exercise to stay healthy, Cancer Treatment Management is a Front-end to oncology-specific electronic medical record mobile app for managing the patient’s treatment, INTERACTIVE WEB RESPONSE SERVICES (IWRS) a web based solution that helps medical stuff manage patient’s screening and enrolment in clinical trials, randomization, and drug supply management.
Her technical knowledge includes but is not limited to Programming (C/C++/QT, Matlab/Octave, SQL, AutoLisp, XML, CSS, HTML), Mathematics, Statistics, Electronics, Mechatronics, Modeling, System theory, Signal processing, Data transfer, Biomechanics, Artificial intelligence, Image processing, CAD (Inventor, Autocad), while she is fluent in 4 languages.